Fuera de la Nada - 26 de Febrero de 2016

Primer bloque

con la etapa en el sello Twin/Tone
- I'm In Trouble
- Johnny's Gonna Die
- Go
- Color Me Impressed

Segundo bloque:
con Let It Be

- I Will Dare
- Androgynous
- Black Diamond
- Unsatisfied
- Seen Your Video
- Answering Machine

Tercer bloque:
con Pleased to Meet Me

- I.O.U.
- Alex Chilton
- Nightclub Jitters
- Skyway
- Can't Hardly Wait

Cuarto bloque:
"El Tapado de la Fecha" con el disco 2
del compilado All for Nothing / Nothing for All

- Birthday Gal
- Beer for Breakfast
- Till We're Nude
- All He Wants to Do Is Fish
- Satallite
- Another Girl, Another Planet [en vivo]
- Like a Rolling Pin
Quinto bloque:
con Tim

- Hold My Life
- Kiss Me On the Bus
- Swinging Party
- Bastards of Young
- Left of the Dial
- Waitress In the Sky

Sexto bloque:

con All Shook Down
- Merry Go Round
- Someone Take the Wheel
- Bent Out of Shape
- When It Begun
- Sadly Beautiful

A Modo de Despedida:
 - Here Comes a Regular

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