Hoy en Puro Jazz a las 20 hs

Hoy en Puro Jazz escucharemos a:

Dexter Gordon
Disco: A Swinging Affair – Englewood Cliffs, N.J., August 29, 1962
Temas: Soy Califa, Don’t explain, You stepped out of a dream, The backbone, Until the real thing comes along
Músicos: Dexter Gordon (ts) Sonny Clark (p) Butch Warren (b) Billy Higgins (d)
Garry Dial
Disco: Never Is Now – New York, December 3-4, 1984 & August 10-11, 1986
Temas: I dig your do, The place for you is here, Private eye land, Around the block with Wally, Patience,The dangling carrot
Músicos: Garry Dial (p) Jay Anderson (b) Joey Baron (d)

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