Fuera de la Nada - 22 de Enero de 2016

Primer bloque:

con Brinsley Schwarz [1er LP - 1970]
- Hymn to Me
- What Do You Suggest?
- Mayfly

Segundo bloque:
con Despite It All

- Country Girl
- Funk Angel
- Love Song
- Ebury Down

Tercer bloque:
con Silver Pistol

- Dry Land
- Nightingale
- Silver Pistol
- The Last Time I Was Fooled
- Ju Ju Man

Cuarto bloque:
con una selección de temas en vivo

- Hooked On Love
- Why Do We Hurt the One We Love?
- It's All Over Now
Quinto bloque:
con Nervous On the Road

- It's Been So Long
- Surrender to the Rhythm
- Nervous On the Road (But Can't Stay at Home)
- Home In My Hand
- Why, Why,  Why, Why

Sexto bloque:
con Please Don't Ever Change

- Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
- Home In My Hand
- Down In Mexico

Séptimo bloque:
con The New Favourites of Brinsley Schwarz

- (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love & Understanding
- Ever Since You're Gone
- Now's the Time
- Trying to Live My Live without You
- I Like You, I Don't Love You

A Modo de Despedida:
 - Cruel to Be Kind

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