Fuera de la Nada - 26 de Diciembre de 2014

Primer bloque
- I've Been Hurt - Bill Deal [de Trees Lounge]
- The Hardest Walk - The Jesus & Mary Chain [de Some Kind of Wonderful]
- Guns and People - Eric Serra [de Subway]
- Pistolero - Roy Orbison [de The Fastests Guitar Alive]

Segundo bloque:
 con King Creole de Elvis Presley
- King Creole
- Hard Headed Woman
- Trouble
- Dixieland Rock
- New Orleans
Tercer bloque:
con A Fistfull of Dollars de Sergio Leone
con música de Ennio Morricone

- Titoli (A Fistful of Dollars)
- The Chase
- The Result
- Theme from a Fistful of Dollars
Cuarto bloque:
 con Rushmore de Wes Anderson
- Making Time - The Creation
- Nothin' In This World Can't Stop Me Worrying About that Girl - The Kinks
- A Summer Song - Chad & Jeremy
- Ooh La La - The Faces

Quinto bloque:

- Misnight Confessions - The Grass Roots [de Jackie Brown]
- Guilty As Charged - Dewey Cox [de Walk Hard]
- The Cave / Beat Girl / Kids Stuff - John Barry [de Beat Girl]
- Shake Some Action - Dave Lowery [de Clueless]

Sexto bloque:

con Foxy Brown con música de Willie Hutch

- Theme of Foxy Brown / Overture
- Out There
- You Sure Know How to Love Your Man
- Whatever You Do (Do It Good)

Séptimo bloque:

con Profondo Rosso de Darío Argentocon música de Goblin
- Profondo Rosso
- Death Dies
- Mad Puppet
- School at Night

Octavo bloque:
con Singles de Cameron Crowe

- Dyslexic Heart - Paul Westerberg
- Overblown - Mudhoney
- Birth Control - Soundgarden
- Would? - Alice In Chains

A Modo de Despedida:
 The Ramones con The Paley Brothers - Come On, Let's Go [de Rock 'n' Roll High School]

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