Fuera de la Nada - 30 de Enero de 2015

Primer bloque

con Damned, Damned, Damned 
- New Rose
- Stab Your Back
- Neat, Neat, Neat
- Feel the Pain

Segundo bloque:

 con Anything
- Alone Again Or
- Gigolo
- The Girl Goes Down
- Psychomania
Tercer bloque:
con Phantasmagoria

- Street of Dreams
- Edward the Bear
- Shadow of Love
- Grimly Fiendish

Cuarto bloque:
La Orquesta Inestable de Fuera de la Nada interpretó:
- Is It a Dream?
- Under the Floor Again

Quinto bloque:

"Sacándose el Sombrero" con Give Daddy the Knife, Cindy de
Naz Nomad & the Nightmares

- Nobody But Me [Isley Brothers / The Human Beinz]
- Action Woman [The Litter]
- The Wind Blows Your Hair [The Seeds]
- Kicks [The Knickerbockers]

Sexto bloque:

con Grave Disorder
- Song.com
- Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead?)
- Absinthe
- Obscene

Séptimo bloque:

"Soy Moderno"con So, Who's Paranoid?

- Shallow Diamonds
- Nature's Dark Passion
- Little Miss Disaster
- A Danger to Yourself

Octavo bloque:

con The Black Album
- Wait for the Black Out
- Silly Kid's Games
- The History of the World, pt. 1
- Lively Arts

A Modo de Despedida:
 The Damned - Citadel [vers. de The Rolling Stones]

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