Fuera de la Nada - 26 de Junio de 2015

Primer bloque:

con Outlandos D'Amour
- Peanuts
- Can't Stand Losing You
- Hole In My Life

Segundo bloque

 con Regatta de Blanc
- The Bed's Too Big Without You
- Does Everyone Stare?
- No Time This Time

Tercer bloque:

con Zenyatta Mondatta

- When the World Is Running Down, You Do the Best of What's Still Around
- Don't Stand So Close to Me
- Voices Inside My Head

Cuarto bloque:
"3 Versiones 3"

- Man In a Suitcase - Goldfinger
- Truth Hits Everybody - Snapcase
- Driven to Tears - Pearl Jam

Quinto bloque:

con Ghost In the Machine

- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
- Too Much Information
- Inivisible Sun

Sexto bloque:
con Live!
- Bring On the Night
- Spirits In the Material World
- Wrapped Around Your Finger
- Walking In Your Footsteps
- King of Pain

Séptimo bloque:

con Synchronicity

- Synchronicity I
- Synchronicity II
- Murder By Numbers
- Tea In the Sahara

A Modo de Despedida:
 Sly & Robbie - The Bed's Too Big Without You

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